вторник, ноября 29, 2005

Буллиты в плей-офф ?

Ларри Брукс из Нью Йорк пост
допускает что телесети могут продавить введение шутаутов в плей-офф.
Хоть ему и нельзя верить, но определенный резон в его словах есть.

Why would networks want to be stuck televising multiple overtime playoff games lasting into the wee hours to dwindling audiences when matches can be settled by immediate, dramatic, must-see TV competitions that are as reality-based as it gets?
Let's not fool ourselves. We know what NBC will think. We know what ESPN will think when it wants back in. We have little doubt how the NHL and NHLPA competition committee will respond to the, um, requests.
Thanks to Jason Strudwick and Marek Malik, of all people, and thanks to an unlikely November drama on the Broadway stage, we have seen the future of the Stanley Cup playoffs.