понедельник, апреля 03, 2006


Ансар Кхан написал в своем блоге - может и првада хорошо что в Детройте нет Фёдорова.
Ведь если бы в команде остался и он и Лидс то на оставшихся 20 игроков оставалось бы 23 миллиона.
И Крылья остались бы без Дацюка или Зеттерберга. Так что не стоит его оббукивать.

Fedorov is experiencing an unbelievably bad season. He has eight goals and 26 assists in 55 games, despite averaging more than 21 minutes of ice time a game. And the worst part for Columbus is he’s due $6.08 million in each of the next two seasons, making him untradeable.
Looking back, the Wings are extremely fortunate he spurned them. Had he accepted Ilitch’s $50 million offer, one of three things would have happened:
The Wings could have tried to trade him, but with three years and $30 million left on the deal, how many teams would be jumping at that? They could have bought him out last summer, but it would have cost them $20 million (two-thirds the remaining value of the deal). Or they could have kept him, and he and Nicklas Lidstrom would be earning a combined $15.2 million this season, giving the Wings $23.8 million to spend on their remaining 20 or 21 players.
It would have been virtually impossible to sign both Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. Who would you rather have: Datsyuk and Zetterberg, or Fedorov?
So even though many Wings fans are bitter that he bolted and continue to boo him every time he touches the puck, they should really cheer. However unwittingly, Fedorov has helped his former franchise immensely.
(с) Ansar Khan