вторник, октября 24, 2006

Враг Овечкина

Оказывается это Бордюр продавил решение о запрете на тонированный визор. Типа не видно глаз Овечкина в момент броска. И вообще, нечего от зрителей прятаться.

Martin Brodeur revealed last night that he was the goalie who voiced the complaint which prompted NHL general managers to outlaw mirrored visors like the one Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin wore last season.

A member of the rules committee, Brodeur felt the mirrored visor gave Ovechkin an advantage because goalies couldn't see his eyes. When the matter was put before NHL GMs a few months back, they voted 29-1 to outlaw mirrored visors. Capitals GM George McPhee was the lone vote against banning the visors.

via Off Wing Opinion

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