среда, мая 02, 2007

Кто на эмблеме ИИХФ ?

Извини Матс, но это Макс. Признались сами дизайнеры.

“It is correct that the image we and our creative agency
worked with initially was one of Mats Sundin,” says
IIHF Marketing Manager Thomas Freyer. “And this is
what we communicated at the press conference in
Innsbruck. It was simply an oversight. We weren’t prepared
for this question from a Canadian reporter and
when the question came, Mats Sundin was more of a
reflex answer since this was the photo we first outlined.
Only after the press conference did we realize that our
designers liked Maxim Afinogenov better.We felt at that
time that it wouldn’t look good to call a new conference
just to tell about our oversight.”