среда, июля 12, 2006

From Russia, with glove - Brathwaite о России

Линк под заголовком

The best thing about his two seasons of hockey in Russia is that Fred Brathwaite stood out for more than being black in an overwhelmingly white -- and sometimes xenophobic -- society.

"I'm sure there was probably a lot of name-calling going on, but the good thing was that I didn't really understand," said Brathwaite, whose two seasons in the Russian Super League were noteworthy because of his stellar play in goal. "They could have been saying that I was great or that I should go away. I had no real idea.

There are five restaurants that had English menus and we didn't really venture off to other places because you didn't know what you could get," Brathwaite said. "Over there, they have no problem eating cow tongue. That's not my thing."