понедельник, августа 21, 2006

13 лучших прозвищ

From the "Sports Illustrated"

Вообще то их было 20, но мне понравились эти.

Sid Abel
Boot Nose
Abel taunted Rocket Richard. Not taking kindly to the verbal assault, Richard promptly pummeled Abel, altering his opponent's facial appendage.

Steve Buzinski
Puck Goes Inski
Buzinski earned his nickname by registering a 5.89 GAA in nine games. Buzinski, who allowed Rocket Richard's first NHL goal, never again played in the league.

Edouard Lalonde
Lalonde worked in a newsprint plant as a youth

Alf Pike
The Embalmer
Pike's nickname was to be taken literally: he was a licensed mortician

Fred Saskamoose
Chief Running Deer
Jonathan Cheechoo was the second full-blooded Cree Indian to play in the National Hockey League. The first was Saskamoose, who played 11 games (no points) for the Chicago Blackhawks in 1953-54

Georges Vezina
Chicoutimi Cucumber
The product of Chicoutimi, Quebec, was known for his calm and cool exterior.

Lorne Worsley
One of Worsley's boyhood pals thought he looked like cartoon character Andy Gump from the The Gumps cartoon strip. The name stuck. With his quick wit and idiosyncrasies, the goalie was indeed quite a character during his 21-year career.

Ken Dryden
Thieving Giraffe
The nickname emerged during one of the many battles between the Canadiens and Bruins. It is even better when you consider whose mouth it came from. During Game 7 of the opening round of the 1971 playoffs, the young goaltender out of Cornell stoned Phil Esposito, causing the befuddled and frustrated center to holler, "You thieving giraffe!" Only Espo could think of something like that in the spur of the moment.

Link Gaetz
Missing Link
Talk about a suitable nickname! Despite his articulate nature, Gaetz earned plenty of negative headlines due to his penchant for bar fights, public intoxication, arrests and banishments from minor league clubs. After making his NHL debut with the North Stars in 1989, black-and-blueliner Gaetz took his gorilla-esque mean streak to expansion San Jose where he achieved cult status with 326 penalty minutes in 48 games in 1991-92. That offseason, he suffered a brain stem injury in a car accident and hasn't appeared in the NHL since..

Stu Grimson
The Grim Reaper
Going up against this rugged forward was a certainly grim task for opposing pugilists. Grimson had 397 PIMs in 729 NHL games with seven franchises from 1988 to 2001. With Nashville, his final stop, the Reaper got into a bout with Edmonton's Georges Laraque that resulted in a career-ending concussion. A born-again Christian, Grimson got his law degree from the University of Memphis last December.

Bernie Nicholls
The Pumper Nicholl Kid
Nicholls earned his nickname with arm-pumping celebrations after scoring goals, something he did quite often during his 18-year career.

Dave Semenko
It might come as a surprise that Semenko failed to record as many as 200 penalty minutes in any of his nine seasons in the NHL. The reason? Nobody wanted to deal with the 6-foot-3 protector of Wayne Gretzky.