понедельник, августа 21, 2006

Probert in brief

Cats or dogs?
Dogs. I never liked cats. They always seem like they're real sneaky.
New York or Los Angeles?
I like L.A. ... It would be hard to stay focused there.
Hawk or dove?
Well, I played for the Hawks.
Hawk or Red Wing?
That's tough. I'm kind of torn but since I started in Detroit and grew up across the river from Detroit, I'd have to say Detroit.
Your comfort food?
Probably a chocolate shake.
The one sporting event you'd most like to attend?
The World Series.
Jockeys or boxers?
Jockeys. I've owned a couple of horses in the past and I really have a passion for horse racing.
No, actually, we were asking about underwe ...
Oh, shorts! They're shorts! Boxers, then, if you put it that way. But you should've asked boxers or briefs.