среда, июля 19, 2006

Мясо на льду

Помните куски говядины на льду в сериях Детройт-Эдмонтон и Анахайм-Эдмонтон ?
В Каролине этот номер не прошёл.(Может потому и выиграли ? :)) Его повязали, выгнали с арены и приговорили к штрафу.

Before game one of the Stanley Cup finals, a DJ from an Edmonton radio station smuggled some Alberta Beef into the RBC center and chucked it on the ice following the singing of the national anthems. This stunt worked in Detroit, and in Anaheim. Not so much in Carolina.
Gary James was arrested on misdemeanor charges, escorted out of the building, banned from the RBC Center, and ordered to appear in Wake County court. That immediately made news, and it didn't seem like that big of a deal. What we didn't know, though, was that he was actually led out of there and taken "downtown" in handcuffs. It seems excessive, but in our previous series there had been some violent incidents and the arena security/police were on orders to "notch up" their enforcement.

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