понедельник, сентября 11, 2006

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Из "Глоб энд мэйл"

Вкратце так - у Патрика Руа в его клубе Квебек Ремпартс , вратарь - ортодоксальный еврей. То есть - он не играет по субботам. А если учесть расписание игр - то он играет только в половине игр сезона. Руа не против.

Accommodation is as much a part of the Canadian fabric as, well, hockey. But when a 17-year-old Orthodox Jew asked for a walk-on tryout with the top junior hockey team in Canada, the Quebec Remparts, he put the spirit of accommodation to an extraordinary test. Benjamin Rubin said that, if he made the team, he would not play on the Jewish Sabbath, Friday night to sundown Saturday. He would have to miss roughly half the games.
The decision on his request was to be made by the team's coach, general manager and owner, a onetime goalie named Patrick Roy. Not just any goalie, really. The goalie with the most career wins in the National Hockey League. Maybe the bestever to play in the NHL.
It would have been easy to turn away Benjamin, whose hockey progress had stalled because of his religious observance. This was not a situation like that of major-league pitcher Sandy Koufax in 1965, or outfielder Shawn Green two years ago, refusing to play a crucial game on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. Those involved one game; Benjamin's request requires half a season. There may be some precedent for that large an accommodation of religious faith in high-level athletics, but we are not aware of it.

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